The DuraSweeper® Snow Removal System was developed and patented by Bill Candeletti when he was a Police Officer in New Jersey. The concept was the result of a tragic death Which was due to dislodging snow from a trailer rooftop. Nationwide many people are reporting damage to their vehicles as a result of flying snow.

Why It’s Worth Getting the Snow and Ice Off Your Car

By Alex Buczynski

Woman wiping snow car window using brush[/caption]We get it: Winter driving is the worst. You have to wake up earlier since driving anywhere takes so much longer, watch out for black ice, do battle against road salt…

While you probably know the basics of winter driving, you might not always sweep the snow off your car. But you really should.

For starters, it helps keep you and every other driver safer on the road. If that’s not enough of an incentive, in some states it’s against the law to leave snow and ice on your car while driving.

Vehicle snow removal laws

Snow and ice flying from vehicles can endanger drivers and pedestrians. This has prompted several states to pass snow removal laws. Just a few include:

How to correctly get the snow and ice off your car

Here are some other tips worth remembering when it comes to getting the snow off your car:

Another way to protect your car this winter is by having the right auto insurance. An Erie Insurance Agent in your community can tell you more about the right coverage at the right price and get you a free quote.