The DuraSweeper® Snow Removal System was developed and patented by Bill Candeletti when he was a Police Officer in New Jersey. The concept was the result of a tragic death Which was due to dislodging snow from a trailer rooftop. Nationwide many people are reporting damage to their vehicles as a result of flying snow.


“Our problems are solved!”
Ohio Company Representative

“We got a ton of snow and the Durasweeper worked like a charm.”
Pitt-Ohio Toledo Terminal. 

“You guys are really on to something here, this machine is going to be the real deal.”
Northeast Trucking Company representative

“Finally, a machine that can be used on buses and won’t damage the rooftop.”
Pennsylvania School District

“We got to use the machine only a couple of times this winter but it did its job and it did its job well. Bill, We are 100% satisfied with your machines, we tell everyone about them.”
Worldwide cola company

“Bill, First time out we had good results with the brush.”
Northeast Food Store, Chain

“These things are great! Its added insurance when it snows The guys love them!”
Worldwide Chip company

“The machine was perfect and worked perfectly everytime!”
Worldwide cola company