The DuraSweeper® Snow Removal Brush was developed and patented by Bill Candeletti when he was a Police Officer in New Jersey. The concept was the result of a tragic death Which was due to dislodging snow from a trailer rooftop. Nationwide many people are reporting damage to their vehicles as a result of flying snow.

Remove Snow Before You Go

Snow and ice can become shrapnel as it flies off the top of trucks causing accidents on the roadways. With each new incident, state and local governments create laws about snow removal from the top of vehicles. As of September 2014, eleven US states had regulations that related to snow removal from the top of vehicles. Each state has different rules and enforcement. This can be especially complicated for fleets that cross state boundaries.

Why Remove Snow from the Top of Your Fleet?

The DuraSweeper will help with fuel efficiency and ensure safe roads, while minimizing the liability for truck owners.